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The Original Egg
a 21st century game of communication and cooperation
Set of Boards
Travel Model
  • Four sizes: sm 13" (1-2 players), md 24" (2-4 players), lg 32" (2-6 players)
  • One side smooth and grey (playing surface)
  • the other side textured, with logo; great for painting !!!

  • Price: $18.18 (Travel Model)
  • Availability: Ships in 7-10 Days
  • Shipping Charge on this item: 10%.

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Kids playing the Egg Game Rated one of the best toys of 1999 by Family Life Magazine, this is a game of skill, coordination, and above all, cooperation. Deceptively simple though it appears (You give the egg (or eggs) a spin, then tilt the board to keep them spinning.), you'll find this game will take your communication skills to new levels. It's both absorbing, and fun.

Two adults playing the Original Egg Game

"Playing with this toy can be like a ritual dance. As you get into the groove of tilting and swaying the large round board on which the stone egg or eggs are spinning like tops, you can get a rhythm going that may put you into a trance. Cooperation, timing, concentration, and even letting yourself go are all involved in the object of the game - keep those eggs spinning. It reminds me of how I like to play Ping Pong or Smashball - cooperating to keep the ball going is more fun to me than trying to foil the person on the other side."

-Gina Mai Denn

At First Night...

During the First Night Missoula celebration on the Eve of 1999, three teenagers kept one egg spinning for three hours and one minute, breaking the previous Guinness Book of World Records mark for "perpetuating the motion of a spinning object" by more than an hour.

"...I have to admit that when I heard this game described, number one, I didn't think it would work. I thought it would be hard to get the egg spinning, and I didn't see how moving the disk could keep it spinning. Secondly, I couldn't imagine that it would actually hold one's attention for any length of time.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

It's mesmerizing...

It took a little bit to get the knack of spinning the egg, but it's actually very easy if you kind of snap it between your fingers -- it's just like a top. Once it's spinning, it naturally starts to drift around the disk. Instinctively, you tilt or move the disk to keep it from falling off, and voila! You're doing it! It takes 30 seconds to get the hang of it.

Okay, so you've got that down, but how long are you really going to want to keep doing this, right? Indefinitely. Watching the egg circle and slide around the board is absolutely mesmerizing. Add a second egg to the disk, and you have a pair of dancers moving in tandem or spinning around each other. Constantly on the verge of being out of control, they depend on subtle adjustments from you to keep them from slipping off the edge."

-Alison Frane

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