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Our Town. A Cooperative Board Game with an Urban theme.
Made by Family Pastimes.

Price: $ 28.00
Availability: Available
Shipped within: 1-2 days
U.S. Shipping: $ 2.80
We try to develop our city's economy and avoid going bankrupt. We decide on what works best as private enterprise and/or what works best cooperatively owned & operated. Maybe credit unions, food coops, people parks! The DAILY NEWS and MAIL bring many challenges.

Board 18 x 22 in, Property Cards, Play Money, Pawns, Die, Daily News Cards, Mail Cards, Rules for Easy & hard Games

AGES: 10 to ADULT: 2 to 6 PLAYERS

"A crafty answer to games like Monopoly and Land Grab. We are functioning like Town Planners, not Town Grabbers." Lawrence, KS


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