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Mountaineering. A Cooperative Board Game with a Mountain Climbing theme.
Made by Family Pastimes.

Price: $ 25.00
Availability: Available
Shipped within: 1-2 days
U.S. Shipping: $ 2.50
A real life adventure game! The players are a team trying for the Summit. They share equipment, plan their strategies & handle whatever troubles come. Easy card symbols allow younger players to join the older ones. Complicated maneuvers challenge the older. Start at Base Camp, move along with the Picks, Ropes, Crampons etc, past the Snowslides, watching for Frostbite & crippling Snow Blindness! Actual mountain photos form the playboard.

Board 9 x 18 in, Trouble Chart, Team Mover, Equipment & Mover Cards

AGES: 7 to 12 2 to 6 PLAYERS

"We felt as if we had actually gone thru a mountain climbing experience together. We laughed, brooded, feared, and enjoyed together." B.C, Canada


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