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A Beautiful Place. A Cooperative Board Game with an Ecological theme.
Made by Family Pastimes.

Price: $ 20.00
Availability: Available
Shipped within: 1-2 days
U.S. Shipping: $ 2.00
Planet Earth can be a beautiful place shared by all. Sadly, it has been harmed and made ugly in lots of ways. Players work together to restore the beauty. Can they do it before the dark pollution clouds encircle the beautiful place? They have a much better chance if they work together.

Environmental concepts are presented in a simple way. Or just play it as an exciting nature game.

Board I2 X 12 in, Pollution Clouds, Ugly Puzzle, Good Ecology Deed Token, Movers, Die.

AGES: 4 to 7 2, 3 or 4 PLAYERS More if played as partners

"This has become a real favourite in my classroom." Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

TOP-RATING, Canadian Toy Testing


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