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The Eleventh Round - A Fable - - A quick tale that explains a lot about our economy.


City Power: Flexing Municipal Muscle - - An InContext magazine article by John Hart about San Jose's (California) evolution from despoiler to sustainer, a move that has saved the community more than $15 million..

Industrial Symbiosis - - In nature, resources are endlessly cycled and traded from organism to organism. The waste from one organism becomes raw materials for another and vice versa. The result is minimal waste and incredible efficiency. What if our industries were to take this idea seriously? Over the past 20 years, in Kalundberg, Denmark, they have. (14k)

Interface (EcoSense) - - CEO Ray Anderson, lead his company to create a program designed to make his $800 million/year carpet tile manufacturing company ecologically sustainable. If he can do it (considering the nature of his product), anybody can.

Ithaca Hours - - Have a look at one of the most well-known local currencies. So far, an estimated $1,500,000 has been exchanged.

Local Currencies... - - Are a practical way to improve local economic conditions without selling out to big business. This site provides some historic and economic background, along with examples and tips for implementation in your community.

Putting the 'Green' into Banking - - Here's a better investment than stocks...and much safer. Read about the nation's first environmental bank.

The Eleventh Round - A Fable - - A quick tale that explains a lot about our economy.