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Green Cuisine

a collection of healthy recipes

a collection of healthy recipes



Wheat-Free Stuffing - For Poultry or Tofurky

Autumn Bean and Barley Soup - Hearty, healthy, and warming - With a green salad and a slice or two of dark, whole-grain bread, it's a meal.

Apple Cranberry Sauce - This bright, piquant accompaniment to Autumn and Winter feasting has all the delight of traditional cranberry sauce for less- less sugar and it's less expensive to make, especially if you're using organic cranberries. The natural sugars in the apples balance the tang of the cranberries without diminishing the distinctive cranberry flavor.

Balsamic-Maple VinaigretteApple Cranberry Sauce - A fast, hearty vinaigrette; A smooth and zesty marinade.

The Beach Grill - A lightweight, easy to carry grill that will cook a meal on a few handfuls of driftwood- no fossil fuel or charcoal required.

Beach-grilled Tofu - a satisfying vegetarian solution for that summertime, grilled-meat craving.

Black and Red Salad - A dark, beautiful rice salad with black beans, fresh tomatoes and pinoli.

Buttercup Holiday Pudding - A perfect early-winter dessert. Easy to put together. Rich and satisfying to eat.

Buttercup Maple Ice Cream - Just recently, on a whim, I discovered that Butternut squash makes an excellent thickener for ice cream - and lends a delightful flavor as well.

Buttercup Maple Pudding - A delicately flavored pudding with a unique blend of natural flavors and aromas.

Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast with Low-sugar Apple Marmelade Sauce - Here's a combination to brighten up a gray winter morning. Thanks to the natural flavor and sweetness of the apples, it's much less sinful than it tastes.

Jessica's Real Fruit Fruitcake - This recipe shuns blue orange peel and neon-green cherries for natural dried fruits and tasty nuts. Stuff you would nibble gladly any day of the week. The combination makes a dark, moist cake- a flurry of deep, rich colors and flavors that is truly delectable.

Grape Syrup - Have you ever made grape syrup? Over home-made vanilla ice cream, topped with a few late-season raspberries, it's a great way to celebrate a bountiful harvest.

Honey Oat Pancookies - These egg and dairy-free cookies have no refined sugar and are great fun for kids to make and eat.

Jessica's Tabouli - With fresh herbs and vine-ripened tomatoes from the garden, this is the quintessential summer salad and it's fast and easy too!

Juneberry Tofu omelette - Juneberry Tofu Omelette- A delicious, versatile fruit found across North America, juneberries ripen in May or June in the South and during July and August in The North. Eat them raw or use in muffins, pancakes, pies and more...

Masa-Pear Cobbler - Perfect for the cool nights of pear season, this sweet and rich cobbler has no refined sugar and it's gluten-free. Instead of flour or oats, the topping uses masa harina - a meal ground from corn treated with lime.

Napa-Tofu Winter Stir Fry - a welcome change from the heavier autumn soups and stews. A light and warming dish.

Homemade Nixtamal - Freshly-made tortillas are vastly better than the store-bought alternative. That's because they're made with fresh "masa" - ground from "nixtamal" - specially treated corn kernals.

Pear Gelato - When you have an abundance of pears, and even when you don't, this rich, refreshing gelato is a great way to eat them. And it's fast and easy to make.

Pink Pollack - An easy, creamy, low-fat fish dish. If you have ready-made salsa on hand, it's incredibly quick to prepare.

Quick Purslaned Red & Black Beans - A perfect mid-summer lunch or supper. Purslane, rich in nutrients and flavor, thrives in cultivated ground at this time of the year, so weed the garden and eat the weeds!

Quinoa Beanoa Salad - A perfect mid-summer lunch or supper. Purslane, rich in nutrients and flavor, thrives in cultivated ground at this time of the year, so weed the garden and eat the weeds!

Red, White, and Green Supper - Autumn presents a real dilemma: So much food, so little time. This colorful vegetarian meal capitalizes on the cornucopia yet takes little time and effort to prepare.

Strawberry Shortcake - Fresh strawberries are one of life's miracles, especially if they're local, organically grown, and you pick them yourself. When you've eaten your fill of strawberries out of hand, turn on the oven and bake this rich, melt-in-your-mouth shortcake.

Summer Garden Ragout with Beans and Rice - Tangy and satisfying, a combination of ingredients you'd never think of if you didn't have a garden.

Summer at the Sea-side Soup - Late summer vegetables, fresh from the garden, combine with the catch-of-the-day to make a fast and hearty, healthy meal.

Sunny Tofu Salad - A bright, summery, protein and calcium-rich salad made with tofu and a touch of curry.

Instant Tofu Jambalaya - This vegetarian delight looks and tastes like a jambalaya, but cooks in a fraction of the time.

Homemade Corn Tortillas - If you've ever been in Mexico or central America, you know that the corn tortillas you can buy in a U.S. store bear very little resemblance to the real thing, made from whole, dried corn kernels treated with lime (the mineral, not the citrus fruit) ground and cooked the same day. Freshly-made tortillas are vastly better than the store-bought alternative. And they're fun to make.

The Twig Grill - Convert your dangerous, fuel guzzling, backyard grill to a safe and frugal, carbon-neutral one.

Vanilla Pecan Bread Pudding - This incredibly easy, non-dairy dessert is a great way to warm a winter's night and use up that stale loaf of bread. It's especially good served hot after an afternoon's play in the winter cold.

Winter Pasta with Sausage - An inexpensive, hearty pasta sauce for cold winter nights.