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Safe Household Products - - for cleaning, etc..


Oil Burners - Oil Burner Tips- for checking, cleaning, maintaining, adjusting, preventing premature tank failure.

Bag O' Bags - A solution to the grocery bag dilemma - a bag o' bags.

Disclaimer - Disclaimer

Soapmaking Q and A June 1 1998 - Dec 3 1998 - Soapmakers answer your questions

Soapmaking Q and A: Dec 3 1998 - Feb 28 1999 - Soapmakers answer your questions

Soapmaking Q and A: March 1 1999 - June 9, 1999 - Soapmakers answer your questions

Soapmaking Q and A: June 9, 1999 - October 26, 1999 - Soapmakers answer your questions

Soapmaking Q and A: Current - Soapmakers answer your questions

Energy - Energy tips.

Gift Giving Tips - Gift Giving Tips

Zenda's Soap and Beauty Recipes - Recipes and tips for soapmaking. Everything you need to get started and make a variety of soaps (including Glycerine Soap) and related products, like bath bombs & cookies, bath salts, and more. [21k]

100 Things You Can Do For Your Community In A New Century - - Simple, practical, powerful things you can do to make the place you live a better place to live.

A Guide to Less Waste and Toxics at Home - - What to eliminate; what to use instead, for food containers, personal care, lawn care, houshold cleaning and laundry, etc.. From ZERO WASTE AMERICA's site, which has lots of information on the national waste situation, along with suggestions for political action individuals can take to improve the situation.

Care2 be Green - - A great introduction to earth-friendly living, this set of pages is a very readable set of tools and knowledge that will help you make a difference by leading a greener life. Topics covered include Saving Energy, Hazard-free Cleaning, Conserving Water, The 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Organic Gardening, Composting, Landscaping, Eating Organic, Eating Less Meat, Green Transport, Green Kids, and Green Pets. Whew! Check it out.

Eco-Friendly Living Guide - - A nice collection of commonsense tips for saving energy and resources. Tips on saving on water, heating, air conditioning, lighting, battery use, appliances, gifts, etc..

P24U - - A guide (annotated links) to resources that will help consumers reduce their environmental impacts and protect their health by practicing pollution prevention, or "P2," around the house. This is an exceptionally useful list. Topics: Green Building, Home Comfort, Home Appliances & Fixtures, Breathing Easy Indoors, Painting, Staining & Sealing, Housecleaning, Out in the Yard, Car Care, What do I do with these Chemicals?, Multiple Topics, P2 Quiz.

P24U is compiled by the The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC).

Safe Household Products - - for cleaning, etc..

Water Pollution Prevention - - Individual behavior can have a powerful effect on water pollution. This article, prepared by the Corvallis, Oregon Public Works Dept., describes steps you can take around your house and neighborhood to keep your community's water clean.

You Can Do It - - A large collection of easy, practical things you can do to help the planet. Covers a variety of topics, with a page of tips for each. Topics include: house, garden, car, water, travel, shopping, school and office. At Green Networld.