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Family bonding...

It's funny- the more we learn about natural processes, the more we realize it's better to swim with them rather than against them. This has become especially evident with parenting. Now, a fast-growing number of parents are discovering that the simplest, most ancient ways of nurturing also happen to be the best to help their children develop persistance, creativity, communication skills, resiliance, the ability to cooperate, and other qualities and skills important for living in the world today.

The key to all of this is attachment, the process of bonding that develops between mother and infant when the mother is able to meet the baby's needs consistently over an extended period of time. Attachment bonds the child to the mother, the family, and ultimately the world, and once firmly established, it enables him or her to learn the skills and attitudes of adulthood with astonishing ease.

Coincidentally, Attachment Parenting teaches kids to rely on people, rather than things to satisfy their needs. Is it possible that a generation of children raised this way will feel less driven to consume than we do?

What builds attachment? First and foremost: meeting a baby's needs for physical closeness, food, and security. This translates to gentle birth, babywearing, breastfeeding on demand, picking the baby up whenever it cries, and co-sleeping.


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Elimination Timing - - Diapers, another cure that's worse than the disease itself? Even today, most of the world's babies do without them. We know that many babies object strenuously to diapers. Does this experience, repeated thousands of times, have a negative affect on attachment? Then, too, all diapers, whether cloth or disposable, consume incredible amounts of natural resources and create even more pollution. Click on the link above for an interesting alternative.

How to wear your baby in a sling - - A set of illustrated instructions for a variety of carrying positions. Here's another set.

Make your own tube style sling! - - Complete sewing instructions, along with an image of the finished product in action.[3k]. Another, more detailed set of instructions here

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The Daycare Calculator - - Obviously, Mom's availability contributes to attachment. Equally obviously, in our society (unlike some others), many mothers are forced to be inaccessible to their babies while working. So, for some of us it makes sense to ask, "How much does a second income add...and how much does it really cost?". Use this handy tool from Babycenter to find out.