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Kid's Books

Welcome to our kids' books section, featuring reviews of great books, old and new.


Growing Up - We applaud our kids gains in reading and math, but there are deeper life lessons we want them to learn as well; lessons about courage and resilience, love and community. The following stories are among my favorite kids books ever. They are sure to generate lots of interesting discussions.

Jewish Traditions - Books for Kids that celebrate Jewish Traditions

Learning Fun - As a homeschooling parent, I'm always on the lookout for books that are both fun and educational. The following books all develop a child's logic and thinking skills, while tickling their funny bones at the same time. These four are among my all time favorites, I guess because I find them so engaging myself. These are books to return to again and again. You will find something new each time.

Love - books that deal with the theme of love - love that is from a child's point of view.

Olden Days -

Children are fascinated by tales of what it was like to live in the past. Learning about other historical times gives them great fuel for their fantasy play, and of course, its always interesting to talk about what life was like before running water, central heat, cars and supermarkets.

Talking about old times also gives us a chance to talk to our kids about values that are still important to us today in spite of our busy, electrified world. Self-reliance, teamwork and respect for nature as well as the simple beauties of our agrarian past are presented with skill and artistry in these books.

So curl up with your little one on your lap, and while the March winds blow ouside, take a trip to "the olden days".

Summer - June is the start of berry season at our house and a very busy time. The garden is growing (along with the weeds), the beach is calling, and there are all those berries to pick. Strawberries start the season, and then we progress through the summer with juneberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries and blackberries. Kids love berry picking; its just a great treasure hunt to them, and even the youngest child can appreciate the magic of a red ripe berry glistening through the foliage. So pack a picnic and some sunhats and take your kid berry picking while the summer sun lasts. Here are some books to gret you warmed up.

Winter -

Winter is a magical time for children. While we adults are grumbling over cold feet and icy windshields, our kids are busy building snowmen, planning snowforts, and shrieking with delight as they race down icy hills. Winter provides a rich theme for children's books, and there are many fine ones to choose from. Here are four of my favorites.

-Jessica Wagener