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It claims to fight disease by strengthening the body's immune system. As far as modern science can tell, its "remedies" (medicines) contain little or no active ingredients. Its philosophy runs counter to the established model. Yet homeopathy's many proponents claim it works. Does it?

For years the medical establishment has been saying, "of course not!" But now, after years in the darkness cast by the long shadow of the AMA, homeopathy in the U.S is enjoying a resurgence of respect...Partly due to word-of-mouth from people who've gotten relief where traditional medicine failed, and partly because recently favorable studies have been published in respected medical journals.

One thing is certain- Homeopathy avoids the heavyhanded approach typical of conventional treatment, in which the long-term side-effects of treatment are sometimes worse than the original disease. Check out these sites to find out more...



Classical Homeopathy - - Another, shorter intro, at Steve & Aviva Waldstein's Homeopathy page.

Homeopathy- Ears - - A short article explaining the flaws in conventional medical treatment of childhood ear infections.

Homeopathy- Problems-Adults - - A list of adults' problems claimed treatable by Homeopathy.

Homeopathy-Problems-Child - - A list of children's problems claimed treatable by Homeopathy.

Homeopathy-What People Say - - A short, but sweet list of notables' quotes about homeopathy.

How to find a homeopath - - A guide to locating a homeopathic practioner. Links to A searchable national directory of Homeopaths, put together by the National Center for Homeopathy.

What Is Homeopathy? - - An intro to the basic concepts, with some history, published by The Institute of Classical Homeopathy.