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Growth and Learning

Staying in Balance in a changing world requires that we grow and learn. Here are some resources to help.


How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains - - We're getting a deeper understanding of the many ways exercise benefits the brain as we age. This study found an exciting new one with multiple, positive effects.


Awakenings: Tools for psychological and spiritual growth - - Subtitled "simple solutions for life's problems", this site delivers just that. It's full of sound advice and suggestions, nothing all that new, but so well-presented, you'll find it hard not to apply it. Topics include Attitude, Cycle of Change, Depression, Labyrinths, Managing Stress, and more. Highly recomended.

BirthQuake: Journey to Wholeness - - The author of this fascinating book suggests that the stresses and contradictions of our culture have brought us individually and collectively to a turning point. From her own experiences and those of others, Tammie Fowles creates a roadmap for understanding both our personal crises and their significance. She shows they can become catalysts to infuse our lives and perhaps, our culture, with meaning and wholeness. Read excerpts and Life Letters.

Dharma Haven - - Discovering, preserving and making available ancient and modern wisdom of all sorts, practical or profound, arising from whatever tradition, is the general goal that inspires the Dharma Haven Web site. Note: now only available at the Internet Archive.

Excelsior College - - The "overview" says that Regents College (Now called Excelsior College) was founded on the belief that what individuals know is more important than where or how they learned it. And they mean it. There are about a zillion ways to earn credit at this fully-accredited, highly reputable school- military or business training, an alphabet soup of examinations (GRE, CLEP, ACT-PEP, DANTES, AP, etc.), previous college credit (no limit), and life experience. There is no residence requirement; The 20,000 currently enrolled students live all over the world. By going the examination route to earn credit, You can earn an undergraduate degree for under $2000...in less than two years!

How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains - - We're getting a deeper understanding of the many ways exercise benefits the brain as we age. This study found an exciting new one with multiple, positive effects.

Interview with Ellen Langer - - Ellen Langer (The Power of Mindful Learning) believes that typical schooling and parenting impairs our ability to learn by stifling our mindfulness. Yet her research shows that when people learn mindfully, they find such learning "reasonably effortless, they enjoy it, they find the material easy to pay attention to and easy to remember".

Mind Mapping - - A cool tool for learning, organizing, writing or problem solving, mind maps are fast and effective. This page tells how to create them and where to find out more.

School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom! - - This site offers a thorough discussion of the major criticisms of institutionalized education, including its negative effects on socialization, motivation, creativity, success, and democracy. Lots of quotes by famous people; lots of resources for independent learners.

Stress Test - - Take this quiz at Lessons for Living and learn about your susceptibility to the damaging effects of stress...and get some tips on coping. There's a lot of good stuff here! When you're done, have a look at the Dolphin Stress Test. Unlike most stress tests, just taking this one should lower your stress level...

Telling it as it is - - An interview with Brad Blanton, Ph.D., Author of Radical Honesty, believes that lying makes us sick. Conversely, telling the truth can liberate true joy. While you're at it, check out the Radical Honesty website.

The Terrible Truth About Truth - - ...is that our search for it is problematic and counter- productive. Not to worry, though. There is a better way.

gURL - - An online zine for girls 14 and up."It is meant to provide an alternative to the limited scope of most girl-directed media." And it does. Check it out!