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Why are we concerned about racism? Because it is not only morally wrong to treat people poorly based on "race", it is senseless as well. The science is very clear: There is no race.

"Whiteness" is a concept made up by a bunch of plantation owners to facilitate their laziness and greed, to legitimize their enslavement of people who were, generally speaking, superior, by virtue of what thay were made to endure.

"Whiteness" was a magic potion so potent that even "one drop of blood" from a black person in your lineage was enough to make you "black", a convenient rule used to justify enslaving their own sons and daughters, born of rape.

There are arguments that many slave owners treated their slaves well, "like family", in some cases. If that seems true to you and you identify as White, as I do, ask yourself this: Would being fed, clothed, sheltered and treated like family make up for knowing that you could be sold, that your children or parents could be sold? That your place was and always would be at the bottom of society? That, if your owner decided that treating you like family meant that he could rape you, your mother, your sister, your wife, or your daughter, there was absolutely nothing you could do to protect them?

Racism allowed less than wealthy "white" people a convenient target for their resentment, while giving wealthy slaveowners a willing and enthusiastic army to police any slave rebellion.

When Chinese people came to the U.S., beginning in the mid-1800's, they were willing to work for less than "White" Americans and European immigrants and became an easily distinguished target of resentment. As with African Americans, persecutions, lynchings, and mob attacks ensued.

The same sorts of things happened to Mexicans who had the misfortune to live in what became U.S. territory as a result of the Mexican-American War. The 1848 Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo granted them citizenship and property rights; nonetheless, within one generation tens of millions of acres had been transferred to "white" ownership as a result of fraud, theft, or gavernment-sanctioned violence.

And of course, what happened to these people pales in comparison to "white" treatment of Native Americans, for which there is only one word that applies: genocide.

There is no race. Race is a lie; racism is not.

Racism perpetuates the lie of Race, along with its inequities, indignities and atrocities.

People are people and the Golden Rule applies to all. Beyond that, a society where everyone is welcome and valued is stronger, richer, more innovative, and just better to live in.

Finally, especially now, we need each other to survive. We need each other as strong and healthy as possible if we are going to meet the challenges of the climate change we have created. There is no place for racism in today's world. We can and must correct our past mistakes and grow up as a nation.