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CANCER ON TAP - Water chlorination, its history, toxic effects on health, and alternatives, by Paul Fleckenstein.

Chemical Cover-up - Better Living through Chemistry? In only a few decades, our chemical industry has managed to pollute every person, every animal, every plant, every ecosystem on earth with literally thousands of toxic, persistent chemicals. This article explains why.

Corporate Spoilers - The corporate form is a powerful way to get big things done. But because it augments the power of individuals so well, it's as dangerous as it is powerful. Find out the details and their implications in this GreenSense Report.

Frankenfoods - The 20th century was outstanding for profit-motivated, world-class, environmental fiascoes- Pesticides, PCB's Nuclear power, etc.. Now, Genetically Engineered Foods, or Frankenfoods, as they're referred to by their critics, slipping in just under the Y2k wire, may steal the prize for the most ill-advised innovation of all, and make the others seem tame by comparison.

Kids and Commercialism - Advertisers and marketers now spend over $2 billion each year on advertising to children. That's more than 20 times what they spent 10 years ago. These billions are spent each year on psychological studies and advertising designed to promote explicitly antisocial values.