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The World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

Add a Swimming Hole

Please use this form to add your favorite swimming hole to The World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes. (To move from box to box, use the mouse or the TAB key.)

Please name the swimming hole ("Blue-Hole", "Jones's Quarry", etc):

Type of water (river, quarry, pond, etc.):


If the location isn't self-explanatory, please use this space to enter directions:

Water temperature and climate can interact in unusual ways. Some places have water so warm you can swim even in cold weather; others are swimmable only on the hottest days. And individual preferences can make one person's "bathtub" another's "ice water".

Please use the boxes below to indicate water temp (in F, C, or words ("ice-water", "bathtub", etc.), and months of the year you would swim there:
Water Temperature
Swimmable Months

To help people understand what you really mean by that, imagine there are three types of people:
Polar Bears- who don't object to a few chunks of ice in the water with them,
Average Bears- who like cool water, but draw the line at numb extremities, and
Teddy Bears- who feel, if it's not warm enough to brew coffee, it's too cold to swim in.

Now select a button to indicate where you fit on the "bear continuum":

  • Polar.
  • Average.
  • Teddy.

Please enter a short description of the swimming hole(two or three lines:

Use this space for a longer description, if you wish and/or use the checkboxes and quantity ratings below:

If you're really into this, you can put a number in the box to rate your swimming hole on a scale of one (least) to ten (most) for each characteristic. Or you can enter comments about each characteristic. Where there are checkboxes, you can just click the checkbox to indicate that this swimming hole has a particular characteristic, or use the other boxes to provide more details.

  • Size- (1=tub, 10=lake) Comments:
  • Beauty- (1=yuck, 10=paradise) Comments:
  • Accessibility- (1=easy, 10=next to impossible) Comments:
  • Safe for children? Comments:
  • Water Clarity
  • Typical water clarity in Summer (1=murk, 10=glass) Comments:
  • Has rocks for jumping. Comments:
  • Has ropeswing Comments:

    NOTE: If you will be including a web address in your comments, please use the form "www.etc.etc.." Unfortunately, we have had to block complete web addresses due to automated spam.

Swimsuit: required. optional. unknown. Comments:

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