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Your financial support in any amount will help us maintain and expand GreenSense without polluting our pages with banner advertising.

Besides helping us carry out our mission, your support will earn our undying gratitude and your name will be published (if you wish) on our GreenSense Membership list. You'll also receive email notification of updates (but only if you want them). In addition, with any contribution of $10/yr. or more, we'll include a link (if you want one) to your website and/or email address. Of course, No personal information of yours will be sold or otherwise conveyed to other parties without your permission.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to widespread fraud and data theft stemming from credit card transactions, the credit card industry has adopted new regulations that greatly increase the time and expense for merchants like us who process our own credit card transactions. Therefore, we are sorry to say that we can no longer directly accept credit card payments for orders. Instead, we have contracted with PayPal to provide those services for us.

Currently, we are in the process of integrating our software to work seamlessly with PayPal so that, when you purchase from us, the checkout process will take place on the Paypal website instead of on GreenSense. When you click our checkout button, you will be taken directly to the Paypal website to enter your shipping and credit card billing information. You will not need either to have or to create a PayPal account to complete the payment. A credit card will suffice.

However, until the integration is complete, we must continue to use the information you give us on this order form (below) to complete your order. When you click the "Submit Secure Order" button, you will receive an email confirmation from us within 24 hours, as usual, but in addition you will receive an email invoice from PayPal asking you to visit the Paypal website to complete payment for your membership. Please note that this arrangement is temporary. Once we integrate PayPal into GreenSense, our "Checkout" buttons will take you directly to the PayPal site to complete payment. You will not have to wait to receive an invoice.

we apologize for the inconvenience!

- Alan Wagener, Owner, GreenSense General Store

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