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Wildwood Box Company

Wildwood Box

There is something wonderful about the old barns that stand like sentinels throughout the Green Mountains of Vermont. Their weathered faces speak volumes on the rough New England seasons they have endured.

It has always saddened us to witness the death of these old friends, collapsed and lying in rotting heaps of rubble. So we rescue and recycle the wood to create our boxes and shelves.

Due to the variations in this ancient wood each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, varying in texture, color and markings. It is a wonderful experience to contemplate the changes this wood has witnessed over the last 100-200 years.

Wildwood Box Company's products are all hand crafted on our hillside farm. The wood for each item is carefully selected and prepared, therefore no two items are alike. Production is limited, as each piece is created in-between milking goats, collecting eggs and slopping hogs.

-Don & Linda Marcille

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