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Celestial Sleepmasks Handsewn Eye Pajamas

A great way to insure a good night's sleep, wherever you are- in your own bedroom or on a plane, these stylish sleepmasks are also an aid to meditation. They feature a cotton liner, organic cotton batting and a wide variety of prints and solid colors on the outside.

Styles: Celestials (Clouds, Stars, Planets), Animals, Flowers and Leaves, Holiday Designs, colors.

Red Satin Sleepmask How dark is your bedroom? Recent studies have shown that even a little light at night can interfere with your body's production of Melatonin, an important immune system modulator, and the hormone associated with the feeling of getting a "good night's sleep". Eye pajamas help to insure your body's uninterrupted production of this important hormone while you sleep.

Select from over 30 prints- Celestials (Clouds, Stars, Planets), a wide variety of Animals, Flowers and Leaves, Holiday Designs, and 4 colors.

Price: $11.00

Eye Pajamas Sleepmasks are available in the GreenSense General Store





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