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    Ice-Storm Twig Pen- background- the Great Ice Storm of '98

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Works of Nature

The Great Ice Storm of 1998

brought down trees and powerlines throughout much of Northeastern North America. Afterward, many standing, but damaged trees were cut as well. Most of this wood was burned as firewood or left to rot. The amount of wood was immense; if used to make wood products, it could save thousands, perhaps millions of undamaged trees from being cut. The storm of '98 was especially severe, but almost every year Northern forests sustain ice damage. Yet, due to the limitations inherent in mass-production lumbering, only a few wood products will ever be made from this wood. The Ice-Storm Twig Pen is one of them.

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  • Ice Storm 1998 - a picture essay of the devastation caused by the storm in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Ice Storm 1998 - news items and information on the icestorm focusing on the impact in St. Lawrence County.
  • Clodgo, Mike - pictures of a Vermont ice storm and more.





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