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Spring Flower Eggs

Spring Flower Eggs

Delicate, rustic and elegant all at once, these natural decorations will grace your Easter or Seder table. A quick, easy great project to do with your kids. Even very young children can be involved. Created by Jessie's sister, Annette Wilensky.

-Alan Wagener

  • Raw Eggs
  • Food colors
  • Johnny Jump-ups, violets, or any small spring flower
  • Wine glasses, one for each egg
  • Knife or file

Use a knife blade to carefully crack the egg, remove its contents and one end of the shell, as in the photo. For a straighter edge, score the egg all around with a file before breaking.
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Color the eggs using commercial or natural colors (beet or red cabbage for red, onion skin for yellow, etc..).

Carefully dig flowering plants and put one in each shell with soil.

Set eggs in wine glasses and display. If you keep them watered, they'll last for days.

Replant the flowers. If you crack or break a hole in the bottom of the shell, you can put shell and all in the ground, where it will decompose and add calcium to the soil.