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Saving Energy


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Humidity Helper Humidity Helper | Save Your Fridge |




Humidity Helper ~ Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999

Another tip - After boiling something for dinner on a winter evening, don't pour out the hot water. The water contains a lot of heat. It will also slightly humidify a dry winter house.

Charlie Beadles cbeadles@wlgore.com ---


Save Your Fridge ~ Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999

In the winter, you can reduce your refridgerator's energy draw by setting a plasic container outside overnight. In the morning you can place it in your refridgerator. This reduces the load on the compressor, saving energy and prolonging the life of the fridge.

How to do it:

You will need a sturdy plastic container. One gallon milk jugs unfortunately don't work as they will crack due to expansion of the ice. A tray or small bucket works well.

As for volume, it depends on how long you want to leave it in your fridge. A well frozen gallon may still be partially frozen after 2 days. Smaller containers will need to be rotated more frequently.

Charlie Beadles cbeadles@wlgore.com ---

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