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Greensense does not pay for (or charge for) the material in any of our "tip" sections, and does not independently research the tip-writers' ideas for accuracy or safety. Our idea of editing is to publish anything that looks useful and seems to be honestly motivated.

Whether you should put any of the tips into practice we leave to your common sense and good judgment. Especially for subjects involving potentially dangerous forces or substances (electricity, natural gas, toxic cleaners, etc.), before acting on a suggestion you should verify its feasibility and review necessary precautions with an expert. Whether or not you recognize any potentially unsafe element in a tip you read here, Greensense expressly disclaims any legal responsibility for any injury to a person or property caused by anyone's reliance on a tip.

We want to provoke your green-sensible imagination and perhaps entertain you a little but, according to our lawyer, who has his own kind of green-sensibility that he sometimes imposes on us, when you act on these tips you assume any risk involved.





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