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Oil Burners


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I teach refrigeration and air conditioning and heating. I know it is in the heating season so I have quite a few tips on oil burners you may or may not want or need.

Checking for ignition...if your safety controls locks out..DO NOT PRESS IT MORE THAN once! Every time you press it, oil could flow into your combustion chamber, creating a smoky situation upon ignition.

Check your settings of your electrodes...generic...every manufacturer is different...1/16 to 1/8 of an inch in FRONT of the nozzle...5/16 to 7/16 ABOVE the nozzle and about 1/16 to 3/16 apart. This should get you running. Be careful of the springs or other contacts on the transformer...10,000 volts...the amperage is very low but it will give you quite a burn.

Don't set your burner to the 'sound' of the burner operation, set it to the smoke and draft level. A complete test is better. Replace nozzles often, once a year..three bucks. Some tanks are pitched away from the firematic valve, causing a moisture problem on the other end. oil floats on water, therefore rust COULD occur that will lead to premature tank failure. I do not know the codes in NH but in Mass they tell you to pitch the tank away from the valve end...I don't agree....but on the other hand if you DO get water, it could lead to intermittent ignition which could lead to sooting and that starts a whole 'nother series of troubles. Lots of stuff, I hope some of it is useful.

Wonderful site and definite keeper. I hope to be doing solar installations soon.

Ed Surprenant





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