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No Sew, No Sweat, Sock Slippers

During our Vermont winters, we keep our house pretty cool, both to save on energy costs and and because we've discovered that we stay healthier. The warmer the house, the drier the air, even with a humidifier. Dry air not only dries you out, it makes it easier for viruses to get a foothold in your nose and throat.

We save money and stay healthy, but our toes get chilly. For me, this creates a conflict, since I like my feet to be able to breathe - I generally wear as little on my feet as possible. I've tried all kinds of slippers and found them too "stuffy". Socks, however, keep my feet warm without smothering them. The only trouble is, socks worn without shoes wear out really fast.

The solution? Socks with soles - slipper socks. Of course, you can buy them, but why not make them? But what to use for the soles? Leather? Maybe, but I found a lighter, more breathable, material. It won't last as long as leather, but it's less expensive i.e., free.

The trouble with a good pair of jeans is that eventually, they wear out. Luckily, there are lots of things you can make with worn-out jeans - shorts, backpacks, potholders, and now, the soles for slipper socks. You could just sew them on, but maybe you don't want to take the time to sew. No problem. Make recycled-denim, no-sew, no-sweat, slipper socks! Here's how:

1. Find a pencil or marker, a nice warm pair of wool socks, and a scrap of cardboard bigger than your foot. You will also need a scissors, high-quality fabric glue, and possibly a craft knife.

2. Put on the sock, stand on the cardboard, and trace the outline of your foot onto the cardboard. Use a scissors or craft knife to cut along the outline. You can use this pattern for each foot, or make another for the other foot.

3. Now get some scrap denim, lay the cardboard foot cut-out(s) on it and use the marker to trace a left and a right sole onto the denim. If you only have one pattern, just flip it over before you trace the other sole.

4. Grab a scissors and cut out the denim soles.

5. Now, slide a cardboard sole pattern into one of the socks, as though it was your foot. Turn the sock upside down, so the sole part of the sock is up.

6. Position the denim sole on the sock and glue it around the edges with fabric glue. Use something hard and round (like a bottle or tin can) to press the glue into place. The fabric glue will ooze ot along the edges, so be sure to work on a surface that won't be damaged by the glue. If you made a cardbard pattern for each foot, you can make the other slipper immediately. If not, wait until the glue is dry,then flip the pattern before you put it in the other sock.

When the glue is dry, remove the cardboard and enjoy your new slippers!





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