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No Sew Blue Jean Carry Bag

I make writing pens from twigs from fallen trees. I really don't need a backpack to carry my tools for this job, but realized it would be handy to have some kind of a bag. So, I looked around and found the legs from a worn pair of jeans that had been turned into shorts.

I wrapped a piece of strong string a couple of turns around one of the legs, about 2 inches from the top and tied a knot. I had about a foot of string left. I wrapped the rest of the string around the other leg and tied it, leaving about 4 inches between the 2 pieces of denim.

Next, I chose one of the pieces, and made a cut about halfway around and just above the hem that went around what used to be the bottom of the leg. This gave me a thin, but strong partial loop of doubled-up fabric. The carry bag is finished.

To use it, fill the leg without the loop with whatever you need to carry. Hold the top of bag in one hand. Bring the other leg up next to it. Put the loop over it and loop it a 2 or 3 times until it's snug. Now, separate the legs and put them over your shoulder for a shoulder bag, or over your head, so it goes from one shoulder to the opposite hip. I usually put the bag side on my back. The empty leg acts a a soft strap to cushion the load.





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