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     The Power of Mindful Learning

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Recommended books staying in Balance

Somatics - For over ten years I had recurring back problems. Then I found this book just after it was published in 1988. Since then, thanks to what I learned from the book plus a daily, five minute tune-up, my back has ceased to be a problem. Every now and then (once or twice a year) my back will hurt- briefly. When it happens, thanks to Thomas Hanna, I know what to do to fix it fast, often within minutes or seconds. More important, I know how to examine my life to figure out what caused the problem.

The Power of Mindful Learning - Ellen Langer takes a look at some of Education's most "sacred cows"- the importance of basic skills, of learning to delay gratification, of intelligence. She looks at what constitutes "critical thinking", at what it means to "pay attention", and suggests that our beliefs are holding us back, way back. She presents simple (but not simplistic) approaches that can allow people to learn in extraordinarily effective ways.