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Articles about keeping it all in balance.

There's a positive feedback loop between environmental and personal health and well-being. And it's easier to move towards a sustainable lifestyle if your personal life feels in balance. Natural therapy and alternative health or harmony enhancers like art, music, yoga, mindful meditation, exercise, homeopathy, and herbs can help close the loop.

Art - a collection of expressive art

World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes - World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes - Winstone Track Dam,NZ , The Narrows at Big Tujunga , Orange Dam, Leeds, MA , The Washing Machine, Ellenville, NY , Gatton Rocks, Ohio. , Bellefonte Quarry, PA. , Blue Bottom, Bear Creek, PA , Barton Springs, Austin, TX , The Punch Bowl, Warren, VT , Warren Hole, Warren, VT

Living Room Dancing - You've heard of Ballroom Dancing... Well, this is the kind of dancing you'd do at home, in your living room, or anywhere you feel totally comfortable, unjudged, unpressured. Except you get to do it in a BIG room...

Dry Brushing - Save on tooth paste...and dental bills. This Arizona study found that brushing with a dry brush reduced plaque by 67% and gingivitis by 50%. Includes instructions. NOTE: Thanks to the anonymous visitor who sent us this link, with more about drybrushing.

Life Cycle - Stephen M. Follett reflects on 26 years of all-season bike commuting in rural Vermont.

Introduction To Meditation - How it works, why it works, and how to do it.

Parthenogenesis, by Tania Kupczak - Talk about re-use! Vermont artist, Tania Kupczak used a paper punch and magazine pages to create this fascinating and beautiful vision.

Somatics - A short intro to a remarkable way to heal a sore back. In my case, less than 5 minutes of exercise per day eliminated a longstanding back problem. You can easily learn it from the book Somatics, written by Thomas Hanna, who developed this derivative of the Feldenkrais method.

Eating Out to Stay Fit - Don't these two activities work against each other? Not necessarily! This little article plays with words a bit and shows you how to put some variety (and some Nature) in your dining, increase its nutritive value, and get a workout at the same time. [7k]

Supper Club - Save time and money, eat out, and build community all at once!