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    World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

     Winstone Track Dam,NZ

     The Narrows at Big Tujunga

     Orange Dam, Leeds, MA

     The Washing Machine, Ellenville, NY

     Gatton Rocks, Ohio.

     Bellefonte Quarry, PA.

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     The Punch Bowl, Warren, VT

     Warren Hole, Warren, VT

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Home > Features > Balance > World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes > Warren Hole, Warren, VT

World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

Warren Hole

(hole_name) Warren Hole

(Water_type) stream

(Location) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mad River, Warren, Vermont Just off of route 100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Directions) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the side of the road there is a large pulloff. I can't describe exactly where but the section of 100 in Warren isn't too big In the summer there are usually at least a few cars there. Once you park, follow the trails along the stream. When you start to hear waterfalls, you're getting close. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Water_temp) usually around 65-75 F

(Swimmable_Months) June-August

(bear) optional

(doc) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three nice, deep pools between sets of 4-6 foot waterfalls. There are rocks of varying heights to jump off of. Lower pool has shallow area that would be pretty good for kids. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(related) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The top pool is about 20 feet long and about 10 feet wide and about 15 feet deep. The ledge along the far side is good for jumping (about 10 foot drop) The middle pool isn't very good because of the strong possibility of being sucked over the falls and landing badly. The Bottom pool is the largest. It's about 40 feet around with a a shallowly descending beach on one side. On the other side is a rock about 7 feet up. This drops into water about 10 feet deep. Bridging across from lowe on that rock to the opposite ledge is a fallen log which is only about 2 feet above the 6 foot deep water (very fun to play on!) Across from that is the most dangerous drop. (about 20 feet into about 18 foot deep water. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(size) 2, 1

(beauty) 8

(beauty_com) the falls are wonderfull

(access) 2

(access_com) Not hard, A bit of a climb to get down

(features) Safety, Rocks

(safety_com) just watch them

(clarity) 1

(clarity_com) It even tastes great!

(size_com) great

(swimsuit) required

(from-name) Andrew F.

For The Eastern U.S., also visit Tom Hilleg's excellent site, Swimming Holes East, which lists over 75 holes.

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If you'd like to add a swimming hole, and it's in the Eastern U.S., please click here to add it to the World-Wide Guide, or here, and scroll down to the "Email" section, to add it to Swimming Holes East.

If it's anywhere else in the world, please click here, to add it to the World-Wide Guide.





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