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    World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

     Winstone Track Dam,NZ

     The Narrows at Big Tujunga

     Orange Dam, Leeds, MA

     The Washing Machine, Ellenville, NY

     Gatton Rocks, Ohio.

     Bellefonte Quarry, PA.

     Blue Bottom, Bear Creek, PA

     Barton Springs, Austin, TX

     The Punch Bowl, Warren, VT

     Warren Hole, Warren, VT

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Home > Features > Balance > World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes > The Washing Machine, Ellenville, NY

World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

The Washing Machine

hole_name) The Washing Machine

(Water_type) Stream

(Location) Ver Nooy Kill, ~5 miles north of Ellenville NY

(Directions) Take route 209 north out of Ellenville, NY. You will go over several metal bridges. There is a sign by one: Ver Nooy Kill. Take a left immediately after the bridge on a paved road that will soon turn to a dirt road. Follow a few minutes, the Washing Machine is on your left.

(Water_temp) cold to warm

(Swimmable_Months) may - sept

(doc) There is a small waterfall (6 Ft) emptying into a very turbulent pool (the washing machine) which in turn empties into a deep pool for swimming and / or diving from the adjacent rocks. It is small and cozy.

(size) 4, Y, N

(size_com) small

(beauty) 5

(beauty_com) very nice, but sometimes littered

(access_com) easy to get to

(safety) Y

(safety_com) My kids were there at age 8

(clarity) 3

(clarity_com) Clean running stream water

(from-name) Joe C

For The Eastern U.S., also visit Tom Hilleg's excellent site, Swimming Holes East, which lists over 75 holes.

Tom also has a Related Links page for swimming hole-related sites for other areas of the U.S.

If you'd like to add a swimming hole, and it's in the Eastern U.S., please click here to add it to the World-Wide Guide, or here, and scroll down to the "Email" section, to add it to Swimming Holes East.

If it's anywhere else in the world, please click here, to add it to the World-Wide Guide.





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