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    World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

     Winstone Track Dam,NZ

     The Narrows at Big Tujunga

     Orange Dam, Leeds, MA

     The Washing Machine, Ellenville, NY

     Gatton Rocks, Ohio.

     Bellefonte Quarry, PA.

     Blue Bottom, Bear Creek, PA

     Barton Springs, Austin, TX

     The Punch Bowl, Warren, VT

     Warren Hole, Warren, VT

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Home > Features > Balance > World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes > The Narrows at Big Tujunga

World-Wide Guide to Swimming Holes

The Narrows at Big Tujunga

(hole_name) The Narrows at Big Tujunga

(Water_type) Stream with mulitple pools and waterfalls

(Location) 20 miles north of downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Mountains. Exit the 210 freeway at Angeles Crest Highway and head north. Over the pass the first intersection will be a "T" section for Angeles Forrest Road. A parking pass can be purchased at the ranger station on the right but you will make the left onto Angeles Forrest Road. You will travel for 6.2 miles to the parking area. There are no signs, the only markings are a large parking area with a single large pine tree in the center and a tall pile of rocks and dirt behind the lot. If you drive as far as the bridge, you have driven to far..

(Water_temp) Spring and winter are chrisp and summer and mid fall warm

(Swimmable_Months) Year around

The swim holes number along the stream, with the largest at the big falls (one mile downstream).

(related) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The not so easy entrance down the canyon keeps a lot of people away, but the adventure is well worth the effort... Once inside the area is quiet and safe for nude hiking or skinny dipping. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(size) 3 to 7

(size_com) the lagoon below the big falls is the largest pool, great jumping at the big falls, heights range from 5 to 35 feet.

(beauty) 5 to 10

(beauty_com) the area is marred with graffiti at the start but as you move up and down stream it improves.

(access) not easy

(access_com) the climb down the canyon is steep but passable

(safety) maybe

(safety_com) I took my 10 year old and he did great, but I still would not consider taking my 5 year old

(clarity) 3

(clarity_com) the real deep pools are a little green

(features) Rocks

(swimsuit) optional

(from-name) VJC

For The Eastern U.S., also visit Tom Hilleg's excellent site, Swimming Holes East, which lists over 75 holes.

Tom also has a Related Links page for swimming hole-related sites for other areas of the U.S.

If you'd like to add a swimming hole, and it's in the Eastern U.S., please click here to add it to the World-Wide Guide, or here, and scroll down to the "Email" section, to add it to Swimming Holes East.

If it's anywhere else in the world, please click here, to add it to the World-Wide Guide.  




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