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GreenSense- Special Edition

Frankenfoods- Genetically Engineered Foods

The 20th century was a banner century for profit-motivated, world-class, environmental fiascoes- Pesticides, PCB's Nuclear power, etc.. Now, Genetically Engineered Foods, or Frankenfoods, as they're referred to by their critics, slipping in just under the Y2k wire, may steal the prize for the most ill-advised innovation of all, and make the others seem tame by comparison.



The True Food Shopping List - Here's Greenpeace's response to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) failure to require labeling for genetically engineered (GE) food, The list covers dozens of foods in each of 20 categories, including baby food, cereal, frozen foods, snacks and soups. Each category is divided into Red (has GE ingredients), Green (no GE), and Yellow (transitional).


So why all the fuss over GE Foods? - A good look at several important reasons why people in the know are very concerned about GE foods.

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GE Foods and Crops Fact Sheet - A well-written article, thoroughly footnoted. Topics covered include: What is Biotechnology?, Effects on the environment, Effects on health, and Biotechnology in forestry.

Is GM Food Devoid of DNA Safe? - Some details on specific problems- GE produces novel combinations of genetic material that can result in the production of toxins that are very difficult to find- even if you were looking for them, which, at this point, isd not being done. The article raises questions about GE baker's yeast, vitamins, canola oil, and more.

Trouble in the Garden - pleotrophisms - More on the unintended effects of GE - What the FDA knew about this dangerous phenomonon...and kept secret until a lawsuit forced the release of internal memos.

European Supermarkets Pledge Biotech-Free Food - seven supermarket chains comprising retailers from six countries are launching a consortium to jointly source non-GM foodstuffs. They're doing it by tracking some ingredients all the way from the farmer's field to the supermarket shelf.

Bt - A multitude of potential disasters from just one modification...

Global Days of Action April 22 - Seattle is planning a GE foods protest. Use their ideas as a model for staging one in your area. Has contact names and info.

petition for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food - Click to sign it.

GE News - Follow news stories on the dangers of genetically engineered foods.







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