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Cleared For Takeoff

by Fred Levine (Director)

    Cleared For Takeoff

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  • VHS: 30 Min. 2-8
  • Little Hardhats, 1994
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The Publisher:

Strap into the cockpit as Captain Herb, a real United Airlines pilot, invites kids to fly jumpseat with him on a cross-country flight. Visit Air Traffic Control and Ground Operations at the world's busiest airport!


Our favorite video to date is Cleared for Takeoff. But we have and love every video you've made.

Kat Barton
Newcastle, WA

A Personal Message From Fred Levine

As a parent and video producer, I am concerned about the messages being sent to our children on television, in the movies, and on video. At Fred Levine Productions, we are bucking the trend of violent, condescending and poor-quality children's programming.

In 1991, I decided to create a new genre of video that I could feel good about showing my own and other children. Kids are fascinated by and have a natural curiosity about the way the real world works. The success of my first live-action title in 1991 underscored the need for non-violent, reality-based, educational and entertaining videos.
We are creating what concerned people want kids to see. All of our award-winning titles are providing thousands of families with the type of entertainment they want for their children.

What's next? With so few quality programs out there for kids, the sky is the limit. I want to keep pushing the bounds of conventional children's entertainment.

-Fred Levine


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