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Online Ordering

To select an item:

  • Type a number in the white QUANTITY box.

  • Click the ADD TO CART button.

To Complete your Order:

  • When you've finished selecting products, click the CHECKOUT button.

  • If you see a message indicating that you've requested a secure document, Click OK.

  • Fill out the order form.

  • click "Next..."

The next screen (Payment) will show the total cost, including U.S. shipping and sales tax (If you live in Vermont). When we process the order, we will send you an email receipt as well.

Internet Explorer Users Please Note: If you hit the RETURN key on your keyboard (for example, after filling in your name, etc.) on the order form or any of the pages with form SUBMIT buttons (General Store Front Page, Product Page, or Shopping Cart), IE may think you've pushed the SUBMIT button and submit the form before you're finished with it. If there are any links on the page, it may take you to one of them instead.

Security - Our Safe Shopping Guarantee Your Payment will be processed by PayPal. Which uses state-of-the-art SSL security and advanced fraud protection.

Privacy- We don't use cookies or Javascript anywhere on our site. We use the information you provide at checkout to charge your credit card, to contact you, if necessary, regarding your order and to enable our vendors to ship your order to you. No information is shared with any third parties that are not involved in the transaction. Only if you request it, will we add your name to our email list to receive updates about what's new in the store.

Offline Ordering

If your browser doesn't support SSL or forms, or if, for any reason, you'd rather not order online, you can place your order by phone or by mail. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the online order form: Assuming the form works with your browser, but you're just not comfortable sending credit card information over the internet, here are a couple of ways to use the online order form to make the process more convenient.

    a) Fill in and submit: Fill in the form, but type PHONE (Phone Order) in the CARD NUMBER and EXPIRATION DATE fields. Then submit the form and call in your credit card info.


    b) Fill in and print: Fill in the form, then print out the completed form on your printer (Note: some browsers will print the info you fill in, some just print the blank form.). Next, click RESET instead of SUBMIT SECURE ORDER at the bottom of the page. When you click RESET, the information will be cleared without being sent across the internet. You can then mail the completed form to:

    31 Green Acres Drive
    Burington, VT 05401


    c) Just print: Don't bother filling out the form, just print it and use the items and totals as a reference when you place your order by phone.

  • Plain Text Form: Finally, if your browser won't show you the order form, or won't print it properly, We also have a plain text form that you can print or cut and paste into notepad, and fill in as you browse through the store. You can then mail the form, or use it as a reference when you place a phone order.

    To order by Phone, call us at 1-802-660-3174. If you reach our answering machine (We're a small family business so we're not always available to answer calls.), you can leave a message with your order information or just leave your name and phone number and the best time for us to reach you.


    We can accept payment by credit card (via PayPal), money order, or check. All payments must be made in U.S. funds; checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank. Please make checks payable to GreenSense.

    Shipping and Handling

    Most products you order from the General Store will be shipped to you directly from the company who makes or distributes them. This conserves both energy and materials, since the goods are not shipped via a distributor. Please be aware that if you order items from three different companies, you will receive three separate packages. You will also receive a receipt/invoice from GreenSense listing the payment and shipping details related to your order.

    Please note: Most of our products are handmade, by individual artisans. Some (noted in the product description) are strictly made to order. In times of unusual demand, this may result in delays in shipping. (To minimize the likelihood of this, we monitor our vendors' inventory, and adjust our Product Availability comments accordingly.) We will contact you immediately if any item on your order will not ship within the time stated in the Product Listing.

    Shipping and handling charges for the contiguous U.S. are currently listed with each product. These orders can be paid immediately during checkout. For all other orders, we will email you an order confirmation, including any additional shipping charge, along with a Paypal money request for the new total.


    We want you to be happy with your purchase. Everything we sell carries an unconditional guarantee- If you're not completely satisfied, we'll replace the item or refund your money, as you wish.

    Returns and Exchanges

    If you do need to return or exchange a purchase, please call us at 802-660-3174, or Contact Us so we can expedite the process.

    Merchandise Availability & Prices

    Merchandise is subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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