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What is Earth-Friendly?

To us, it means a great product with no hidden costs.

If prices accurately reflected the environmental and other costs of making and using a product, many of the products we see in stores would be priced so high that no one would buy them.

Instead, those costs are hidden - we pay them in other ways, (illness, vanished forests, higher taxes). In many cases, the costs will be payed by our children and grandchildren.

So, we look for products that deliver great value with no hidden costs. We believe that the price you pay when you buy an item at GreenSense should be the only price you have to pay, now and forever.

We look for products that:

  • are beautiful, delightful, useful and...

  • use energy and resources efficiently - They're made from recycled or sustainably-harvested raw materials, made by hand, etc., and made to last.

  • minimize pollution throughout the life of the product.

  • are socially positive - Neither people nor communities are exploited by the manufacturer.

  • create synergy- buying the product will support and encourage worker and community-friendly businesses, while it enhances your life and environment.

If you have any questions or comments about a product, please Contact Us, or give us a call at 802-660-3174.

Alan & Jessica Wagener
31 Green Acres Drive
Burlington, Vermont

Phone: 802-660-3174

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