Works of Nature

Works of Nature- Ice Storm Pen

Handmade, Ice-Storm Twig Pen

1.6 million pens are thrown away in th U.S. every year The next time your disposable ball-point pen runs out of ink, replace it with this rustic pen made from wood brought down by winter ice storms. Instead of a pen made from fossil fuel, or lumber, you'll save some oil, or save a tree from the chainsaw. And you'll feel closer to nature with every word you write.

It's available with the bark intact in birch (illustrated) and various other smooth-barked hardwoods (maple, beech, cherry etc.), or without the bark in driftwood (various hard or softwoods). Natural finish - Bark-on and some driftwood pens are finished with Walnut Oil; some driftwood pens are finished with water-based sealer to preserve the driftwood patina. Comes with a black, replaceable ballpoint cartridge.



  • Birch
  • Driftwood

  • Short (about 5-6 in.)
  • Medium (about 6-7 in.)
  • Long (about 7-9 in.)

  • Thin (about 3/16-5/16 in.)
  • Chubby (about 7/16-9/16 in.)

"I want the things I make to retain the character worked into them by nature. At the same time, they must be practical enough to replace resource and energy-intensive, mass-produced products. To this end, I use only materials that are abundant, that can be taken without harm and worked by hand, without harm to the environment. I work the material just enough to make it useful, then finish it with natural oil or water-based finish".

-Alan Wagener

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