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Justamere Tree Farm and Soapworks

Justamere Tree Farm We settled in the hilltowns of the Eastern Berkshires in 1981 and began to work the land on our 26 acre farm. We grow Christmas trees, produce maple syrup, and make traditional brooms.

Maple Products

Maple Syrup and Maple Cream Our two home-schooled children enjoy helping out on the farm... especially taste-testing the maple syrup!! All our products are 100% natural and are available year-round.


Click here for Brooms Broommaking started for us in 1982 when we purchased our first handcrafted broom. The quality of that broom inspired us to begin planting broom corn and handcrafting our own brooms.

Our first brooms were made by using books as a guide and then we went on to an apprenticeship at Hancock Shaker Village. Over the years we have learned to make numerous styles of brooms from a variety of experienced broom makers throughout the U.S. We have received many compliments on how well-crafted our brooms are.

We invite you to enjoy our quality goods from New England, straight from the Justamere Tree Farm to your home... as a gift or as a treat.

J.P., Marion, Lionel, and Anna Welch

Prices range from $10.90 for 1/2 lb. of Maple Cream to $52.70 for the Traditional Broom.

By Justamere Tree Farm:


Maple Products

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